The Legislative Agenda is the tool through which Sumner tells legislators at the County, State and Federal levels of government how their actions affect Sumner.  Once the City Council sets its Agenda, the Mayor and City staff convey its messages to legislators, especially before and during the hectic State legislative session.

This Agenda also helps other cities, the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Washington Cities, Sound Transit, the Port of Tacoma and other partners understand what exactly Sumner needs and facilitate collaborative opportunities for greater success.

SR 410 Interchange

Thank you for $300,000 last year to assist with design and planning for a fix on the SR 410 interchange at Sumner’s Traffic Avenue/Puyallup’s East Main St., a major traffic jam accessing Puyallup, Sumner’s downtown and industrial core, and the Sound Transit Commuter Station.  We leveraged your investment into another $7,700,000 of funding and are moving forward on design and SEPA to build a second overpass with two lanes and pedestrian improvements and upgrade both intersections on either side.  The $8 million in funding has been secured from private partners, our city, the Port of Tacoma, Sound Transit, the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board, and you.  We need another $10 million to complete this key project.  Please allocate $5 million in State funding to leverage further grant dollars and build this key infrastructure as quickly as possible.

SR 410 Interchange Handout (pdf)

Preserve City-State Partnership

This past year has shown the importance of cities being able to invest in infrastructure for safe water, sewer and storm plus a well trained and prepared police department to respond to a variety of situations in our city, in our schools and on our streets.  Shared revenue is the partnership with the State of Washington that makes these critical services possible, contributing over $1 million to Sumner’s budget.  Continue to support critical life-safety services with shared revenues such as liquor tax, streamlined sales tax mitigation and firemen’s pension.

Keep State Revenue Afloat Before Flooding

Since the river was diverted through Sumner in 1906, the White River has been filling up with gravel, significantly cutting down the river’s ability to handle any kind of high flow released from Mud Mountain Dam. Critical roads, trails, residential and industrial facilities are in danger of being evacuated routinely this winter.  The industrial alone is valued at  $1 billion in property value, 17% of which goes to the State in property taxes. Flooding will disrupt distribution routes for Costco, McDonald’s, REI, Amazon and Keurig (Tully’s coffee) all throughout the state, also affecting sales tax revnue for multiple cities as well as the State.  Support Sumner in getting assistance from County and Federal agencies in preventing and managing flood conditions.

White River Flooding Handout (pdf)

Help Cities Be More Transparent

The Public Records Act is so old compared to technology that it actually poses a challenge to cities using new technology to increase their transparency, a direct contrast to the law’s original intent.  The law needs to be updated to help cities be more transparent, using tools such as social media, websites and email without being in conflict with outdated laws.  Update the Public Records Act to make it once again encourage transparency.

“Small” City?  Sumner by the numbers
  • 13,000 – number of jobs in the Sumner-Pacific Manufacturing Industrial Center
  • 10,000 – number of homes in full build-out of Tehaleh and Plateau 465, both south of Sumner, expecting to use Sumner’s school district, roads and transit center (that’s three times the number of homes actually in Sumner)
  • 13,885 – police calls for service in one year
  • 16 – miles of fish-bearing streams
  • 90.3 – miles of water pipeline
  • 90,000 – average daily traffic volume on SR 167 at SR 410 (in Sumner) – up 3.4% just from the previous year
Success moving forward

Thank you for your support in the past for key projects in Sumner:

White River Restoration Project – thank you for $850,000 to help restore the White River to both enhance fish runs and protect against future flood risks.  Work is underway with tribes and other agencies to build a collaborative plan forward.

Bridge Remodel – thanks to funding from the Bridge Replacement Fund, we’re replacing a bridge that has served since1927.  Construction is now getting underway.

YMCA – although not a City project, the City worked collaboratively to help the YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties to build the largest Y facility in the State in Washington.  The facility also receivd ROC grant funds.  Now open for a year, the branch far exceeded all expectations and serves over 20,000 regional members. (Remember, Sumner only has 9,400 residents!)

#Sumner on twitter
A recent Twitter study conducted by Pierce County showed that #Sumner got the most negative tweets on social media after #JBLM and #TacomaDome.  The researchers from Washington State University pointed out that traffic is the number one contributor to negative tweets.  In other words, by this study alone, you can see that Sumner is now the worst unfunded bottleneck of traffic in the entire county.

Thank you for support on the SR 410 interchange, but we’re sorry to remind you that SR 167’s third lane, SR 162 (Orting Highway), and the interchange of SR 410 with Sumner-Tapps remain key projects that are still on the “To Do” list.