Kenworth in blackUnfortunately, here in Sumner, we know too well what it’s like to lose one of our firefighters to a wildland fire. We lost Chief Dan Packer in 2008 while he was helping fight fires in California, and he’s still very much in our memory and thoughts.

Within any city or community, there is hard work to be done, whether you’re a firefighter battling a fire, a police officer keeping an unstable individual from harming themselves or someone else, a public works employee clearing a road during an ice-storm or a finance person figuring out how to pay for all of it. At a city, we have many people who head into an emergency while trying to get the rest of us out safely, and that takes a special kind of person.

I always pray that all our City staff return home safely from each of their shifts. This week, I extend that prayer to our neighbors across the state, especially the cities who had to evacuate and the firefighters and other first responders who are trying to defend their homes.

Mayor Dave Enslow