NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Sumner Hearing Examiner has issued a decision for a Conditional Use Permit for the project described below.

Project Name: United Methodist Church Parsonage House
Permit Application No: PLN-2017-0041
Location: 915 and 913 Wood Avenue (corner of Wood and Maple);
Parcel(s) #: 0420244181 and 0420244182
Description of Proposal: Construct 1 single family parsonage house (approx.. 1,790 s.f.) and 2-car garage at the existing church site. Total project  includes demolishing 2 existing houses next to the church, landscaping and site grading/filling. No additions to the existing main church building or parking lot are proposed.
Applicant: Pastor Pam Osborne, UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 905 Wood Avenue, Sumner, WA, 98390
Date of Application: 04/21/17
Hearing Date: July 13, 2017
Date of Decision: July 21, 2017

Associated Documents:
1-StaffRpt-PLN2017-0041-UM CUP fin
2-Application & cover ltr
3-Site Plan-04-21-17

4-REV-06-05-17-BldgElevs, FloorPlns
5-United Methodist Church-Commts-ECY

Agenda Hearing Examiner-07-13-17

Foward to HE post hearing-email

HE decision

x-SignInSheet-United Methodist Sumner 7-13-17

Other Required Permits: Demolition, building and site development permits; boundary line adjustment

The decision of the Hearing Examiner may be appealed to the Sumner City Council, pursuant to SMC 18.56.190, by the fifteenth calendar day following the date of the decision.

Categories: Public Notices