This week, you will be receiving our property tax bill in the mail from Pierce County.  While understanding where it goes and why it keeps going up will not make you love paying taxes, it may help you understand what’s going on a bit more.  And while our City employees sometimes get the brunt of people’s concerns, it’s not really the City that gets more tax dollars.  From 2016, the City of Sumner portion of the rate actually went down from $1.22 per $1000 to $1.175 per $1000.

There are two big factors driving increases in our property tax bill this year: first, voters passed recent measures approving funding for the Sumner School District, East Pierce Fire & Rescue and Sound Transit.  Second, the value of our home or property affects our bill as much as rates, and most properties in Sumner saw a rise in value. The pie chart shows you the exact breakdown.

If you’d like to delve more into the numbers, click here to access a property tax calculator that lets you enter your home value to see exactly where your taxes go.


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