Update – May 24, 2018

Businesses/Freight/Vehicular Traffic

Here’s the latest paving schedule

June 2: this is when we’ll repave the west side of road from 32nd Street to Tacoma Avenue bridge (green line at right), starting around 4 pm. This was scheduled for last Saturday to avoid commutes/freight times, but rain forced a reschedule.

June 4-July 20 (estimated): we are replacing the pavement on 24th Street betwen the interchange and the UP railroad tracks with concrete. This is more durable and will last double the time of asphalt, meaning we won’t have to do this again for a long time. However, it requires a detour. Local access will remain open to all businesses. Through-traffic will need to use 136th Avenue, 16th Street E and 140th Avenue E to go around the project. See map below.


Ongoing Updates

We will keep you updated on our Twitter account @CityofSumnerWA. We realize this is an inconvenience and are moving as quickly as possible to get done and out of your way.

What We’re Doing

This spring and summer, we will be repaving 142nd/24th Street thanks to a $4.7 million grant from the National Highway Freight Program. This road work begins April 23, bringing no full closures but lane closures that will affect traffic. Starting at the Tacoma Avenue bridge and running north, 142nd will be repaved with asphalt. From the curve onto 24th Street, 24th Street will also be repaved but the area around the interchange will be repaved with more durable concrete.

More About the Project

Contact Us

If you are a business in the area and have questions or concerns about deliveries and access to your business, please contact Michael Kosa, associate city engineer, at (253) 299-5709 or michaelk@sumnerwa.gov.