People always ask how to get more city services for lower taxes. The answer? Do a few simple tasks yourself. If everyone did this, the City would have hundreds of hours of staff time for bigger projects.

1. Pick up pet waste.

A humble task but oh, so important.

2. Call before trimming street trees.

Pruning street trees incorrectly is costly to the City and potentially to you. Contact Ann Siegenthaler at 253-299-5520 or before trimming.

3. Plant wisely.

When you stick a shade-loving hosta in the sunniest part of your yard, you’ll spend all summer watering it…and wondering why your water bill is so high.

4. Surf the web.

About 80% of calls we receive are for information that’s on our website. It’s fun to chat, but visiting through this site can save you a few minutes.

5. Obey the rules of the road.

Slow down and put the cell phone away. You hate receiving a ticket, and we hate writing them. Let’s do both of us a favor!

6. Wash your car on gravel or lawn.

Save the water systems we all use by keeping all your grease, dirt and suds out of our stormwater system, drains and rivers.