city-hall-flag-halfIn light of the tragic events of last night in which a member of the Tacoma Police family lost their life, I was reminded again of the sacrifices that our police and their families make for our communities.  A safe community doesn’t just happen.  It takes commitment, sacrifice, hard work, and most importantly, those who will face trouble instead of walking away from it.  Every day, even if they stay physically safe, our officers have to go into the worst situations and try to bring peace.  They see people on drugs; they see people hurting one another; and they even see violence within families.  That in itself takes an emotional toll for which we already owe them and their families a debt of gratitude.  In a real sense, this tragedy has an impact not only on the police families, but on every community.

I ask that you join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to our neighbors in Tacoma.  Chief Brad Moericke pledged any support we can offer from our department, and I asked our flags to be lowered.  From looking at social media and chatting with folks, I know that many of you have already expressed your own emotions, and I’m very glad to see the outpouring of support in Tacoma and throughout the region.

I also ask that you please join me in supporting our own officers.  We had officers respond last night to Tacoma with Metro SWAT and then need to return to work their normal Sumner shift to keep us safe.  We shouldn’t reserve our gratitude only for times of major tragedies.  They are heroes every day in our community.

People sometimes talk about Sumner feeling like Mayberry.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  We get to enjoy that safe feeling because of the hard work our police officers do every day.  As they make preparations to support and mourn with Tacoma, our officers continue to respond to calls, to plan for the Santa Parade, and even to collect toys to distribute.  Please thank them when you get the chance.

Mayor Dave Enslow