A number of you have already noticed and even adopted the Live Like the Mountain Is Out tagline and graphics.  What are these?

South Sound Proud represents the emotional and intellectual energy that enlivens the spirit of our region. It proclaims our confident authenticity as individuals and as a community.

We break down city limits. Define beauty on our own terms — glaciers and mud, farmlands and factories, hot shops and sweat. We declare ourselves artists and explorers, builders and rebuilders, daily makers and lifelong learners. We glory in our sore feet and clasp our calloused hands. We grow greater than any shadow cast. We dance in the rain, run through the trees, and cherish the sun. We rise up and brush off the sawdust. We ascend from sea level to summit. We live like the mountain is out.

Beyond Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Sumner, and everywhere in between, South Sound Proud aims to unify us all.  The City of Sumner is joining in the fun (“Eat rhubarb pie like the mountain is out?”) and you can too.  Whether you’re an individual or a business, Tacoman or Daffodil princess, we encourage you to make this effort your own. Use it. Wear it. Make art with it. Show it off!

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