If you are a property owner or business owner who has a stormwater maintenance agreement with the City of Sumner, it’s time for your annual report.  This pertains mainly to warehouses, car dealerships and businesses with large parking lots.  With your agreement, you get 40% off your monthly stormwater fees if you send in a yearly report showing your maintenance on your ponds, catch basins, bioswales, etc.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Conduct annual inspections of your stormwater facility.
  • Fill out an annual report form and identify maintenance issues to be resolved and/or maintenance that was completed.
  • Contact Kelsey Jensen to schedule a review and walk-through inspection of your site.

Complete the three steps above to continue receiving your stormwater utility discount and fulfill your agreement obligations. (Due by May 15)

Kelsey Jensen, Local Source Control Specialist
253-299-5708, KelseyJ@sumnerwa.gov

Click here to start your Stormwater Annual Report Form.