The Deal

The City Council set aside funds to support a Voluntary Sidewalk Program through which the City will pay at least 50% of the total cost, if not more to fill in/fix sidewalks.  Participating property owners will pay the remaining portion.

Who Can Participate

  • Owners of developed residential property within the city limits of Sumner
  • Property that has right-of-way already dedicated to the City of Sumner.
  • Property that does not have plans of future development.
  • Property that is missing sidewalk or has failing/heavily damaged sidewalk along the street(s). Sorry, can’t help with walkways within a property.
  • Properties that have a vertical concrete curb and gutter or asphalt wedge curb are preferred. However, others may still apply or inquire.

If you’re not sure whether or not your property meets these criteria, contact us to check.  We’ll help you understand where you are in the process and what your options are.

How to Participate

Fill out the application (pdf) and return it to City Hall by December 31, 2017.  Because funding is limited, applications will be accepted and ranked.  Priority will be given to areas missing sections of sidewalk or with failing/heavily damaged sidewalks that already have curb and gutter.  The City will contact you to confirm whether or not your application was selected.  If selected, payment is due by February 28, 2018.

Can I Get Financing from the City of Sumner?

Sorry, not directly through us.  Because this is financially structured much different from a Local Improvement District, the City cannot carry the extra cost of offering financing. However, you may want to speak with your bank or financial advisor about private options.

Why Would I Want to Participate?

Per one of Sumner’s oldest city codes, every property owner is responsible for his or her sidewalk. If you add habitable space, you will be required to install missing sidewalk. If someone falls on damaged/missing sidewalk, you could be liable. The City has tried to fill in/fix sidewalks with grants, but grant funding is for very specific areas and is quite limited. This is your chance to bring your property up to code and reduce your liability risk at a fraction of the cost of doing it all on your own.

Construction Process

During summer of 2018, a contractor will construct the selected sidewalks and take care of design, construction and inspection.  The contractor will work with the applicants on sidewalk layout but owners may need to remove trees or shrubs in the path of the sidewalk per City code.

Who Can I Contact?

Derek Barry, Public Works Manager, 253-299-5714,