We need your help.  We all know that in mornings and evenings, the Traffic Avenue/East Main intersections and overpass over SR410 is a mess.  Traffic backs up past Shaw Road in Puyallup, past Station Lane on Thompson and past the Library on Zehnder–even over the bridge toward the Cannery!  But few in the region realize what a problem this is.

Solution – Now

Find funding sources to begin designing a solution.

Solution – Future

Rebuild the bridge and reconfigure two intersections for an improved interchange that moves vehicles, freight, pedestrians and bicycles safely and efficiently while encouraging ridership on Sound Transit to remove vehicles off regional highways.  Construction budget is $14.7 million.

SR 410 overpass2-2By the Numbers

  • Since the overpass was built in 1967, city populations have doubled.
  • By 2030, 100,000 more people will live along this corridor.
  • The largest freight distribution center in the Puget Sound Region is located along SR 167.
  • Every car parked in Sumner or Puyallup builds capacity on existing roads, a cheaper solution than constantly widening State highways.

Every day, these intersections and overpass serve

  • 30,000 cars
  • 3,000 trucks hauling freight
  • Less than 100* pedestrians & bicyclists

*Given urban environment, this number should be much higher and would be with dedicated paths.

What You Will Accomplish

Improve capacity on SR 167

  • SR 167 is now congested for over five hours each day.
  • This Action Plan takes an estimated 300,000 cars off the road each year by improving access to existing mass transit.

Thriving State-wide Economy

  • Amazon.com and Costco are industry leaders who located major distribution centers in Sumner.
  • Key new manufacturers like GKN Aerospace are asking what’s being done about congestion on SR 167.
  • Traffic can halt recruitment of new businesses that would bring new jobs to the State.
  • Tourism is also a leading regional industry.  WSDOT instructs all south-bound vehicles going to the Washington State Fair to use this interchange.  That puts the bulk of visits from Bellevue-Seattle right here.

Invest in Multi-Modal TransitSR 410 overpass2-3

  • The Sumner Station already serves over 1,000 people each day, resulting in 300,000 fewer trips on SR 167 each year.
  • Increased access to Sumner’s and Puyallup’s Stations reduces cars on already congested freeways, not to mention emissions.
  • The current overpass makes walking/biking to the stations nearly impossible.  This plan opens up multi-modal possibilities.

How You Can Help

  • Write emails or letters of support and send them to carmenp@sumnerwa.gov.  Whether you’re a business or resident, your voice helps.
  • Tweet us with #SumTraffic each morning or evening.  Tell us how long you’ve waited to get through the intersection. (Safely when you’re not driving, of course!  Only tweet when you’re finally home or sitting on the train or watching from your neighboring home.)
  • Do you live or work on one of these routes? Snap a picture of the string of cars and send it by email or Twitter.

Voices Already Getting Loud

  • Click here to read The News Tribune coverage of the issue
  • Click here to read coverage on MyNorthwest.com
  • Click here to watch KIRO 7 coverage
  • Last year, residents and business leaders signed letters of support:
    • Police Chief Brad Moericke
    • Moe Orcutt, Retired Utilities Supervisor
    • Baron Manfred von Vierthaler, Beverage-Wine Production
    • James Clifford, ERA Premiere Realty Associates
    • Mike Dobb, Retired, Service Industries – Recreation
    • Ron McCorkle, Evergreen Chiropractic Center
    • Carmen Palltistr
    • Beth Hanuk
    • Mike Cathey, Shinstine & Associates
    • Elizabeth Haworth, Retired, Banking-Commercial
    • Charla Neuman
    • Lana Hoover
    • Jerry Thorson – Chief (2015), East Pierce Fire & Rescue
    • Kyle Hardtke, Evergreen Ground Works
    • Alicia Lasso
    • Kathy Hayden, Doug & Kathy’s Barbershop/City Councilmember
    • Bernie Hardtke
    • Sunset Chevrolet
    • Pam Bauer – Retail Sales, Slate, Lake Tapps
    • Barbara Skinner –former Sumner Mayor, Pierce County Councilmember
    • Dr. Donald Weber
    • William Heath, Education
    • Lila Day
    • Dave Eidsaure
    • Trudy Bleiler, Premier NW Agents, LLC
    • John Patrick, Jersey Mike’s Bonney Lake
    • Robyn DeLorm, Peterson Brothers, Inc.

SR 410 overpass2-1


Step 1

In spring 2016, the City of Sumner will apply to the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) for funding to complete project design and environmental permitting.  This is a competitive county-wide and then regional process.

Total cost for design and engineering is $2.2 million.

Ideal plan for successful funding:
Private (Schnitzer) – $75,000
Local (Sumner) – $75,000
Cooperating Jurisdictions (Sound Transit) – $100,000
State support – $300,000
Total grant match: $550,000
PRSC Grant Request – $1.65 million

Result of Step 1: Shovel-Ready Project

Step 2

Shovel-ready projects have the best chance of earning grants for construction funding.  PSRC and Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grants invite funding requests every two years.  If we can succeed in funding Step 1 in 2016, we can apply for construction funding in the 2018 cycle.  Looking forward, further legislative support would also assist successful funding in Step 2.

Total Construction Cost Budget: $14.7 million
PSRC grant: 30% match ideal
TIB grant: 20% match required, $5 million minimum ask
Legislative support needed to meet matches and help fill est. $4 million gap

SR 410 overpass2-4