Believe it or not, there are fair-weather criminals.  Every year, as soon as the weather starts getting nicer, we see an increase in property crimes of opportunity such as car prowls.  While nothing is a guarantee, there are things you can do to reduce your risk. These are great tips whether you are parked in a lot, on our streets, at our parks or even in your own driveway.

  1. Remove all valuables
  2. Install a steering wheel locking device
  3. Install an alarm system with a kill switch
  4. Never leave your vehicle running unattended.
  5. Park in well-lit locations and avoid isolated areas
  6. Install an ignition or fuel cut-off switch
  7. Install a vehicle tracking system
  8. Install a locking fuel cap
  9. Lock all doors (you’d think we wouldn’t have to say this one, but believe it or not, we do).
  10. Completely close all windows and do not leave pets/children in vehicle

For increase safety in your own neighborhood, Police can’t emphasize enough the importance of a Block Watch.  Click here for more information to get you started.