Notice is hereby given that the City Council has made a decision on a Comprehensive Plan Map change and Rezone for Central Business District Parcels.

There is no public comment period for this decision; however, the public may contact City staff with any questions at: or 253-299-5520. The public has the right to review the contents of the official file for the proposal.

Proposal Name: Comprehensive Plan Map Change and Rezone: Central Business District Parcels

Proposal Description:
1) Comprehensive Plan Map & Zoning Map change: Change the Comprehensive Plan Map designation and Zoning Map from Central Business District (CBD) to Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zone for 4 commercial sites on Main Street. The CBD zone is no longer used since adoption of Town Center Plan, which removed most of the CBD zone. Six parcels (4 sites) along Main Street are proposed for a map change.

2) Update Zoning Code regulations for Neighborhood Commercial zone: Proposal includes updates to NC zone regulations to remove CBD zone, clarify allowances for professional offices, medical offices, restaurants and other uses, and other updates to commercial zone regulations at SMC 18.16.

Location / Parcel(s) #: 1416 Main Street (Parcel 0420244079); 1420 Main Street (Parcel 2350000010); 1504 Main Street (Parcels 2350000051, 2350000052); 1907-1915 Main Street (Parcel 0420244204)

Permit Application #: n/a

Date of Decision: May 17, 2021

Decision: Approved map changes as proposed; approved update to regulations as proposed.

Applicant/Proponent: City of Sumner

Hearing Date and Time: N/A. There is no additional public hearing or comment period.  (Council public hearing occurred February 16, 2021.)

Associated Documents: Click this link to view documents, and the May 17, 2021 City Council meeting packet:

SEPA: Any environmental impacts were evaluated as part of city-wide Sumner Comprehensive Plan Update in 2020.  No development was proposed.

Other Required Approvals: None

Staff Contact: Ann Siegenthaler 253-299-5520 or

Date of Application: 3/2/20

Date of Complete Application: n/a

Published/Posted/Mailed: May 27, 2021