The Legislative Agenda is the tool through which Sumner tells legislators at the County, State and Federal levels of government how their actions affect Sumner.  This Agenda also helps other cities, the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Washington Cities, Sound Transit, the Port of Tacoma and other partners understand what exactly Sumner needs and facilitate collaborative opportunities for greater success.

Fund SR 410/Traffic Avenue Interchange

We leveraged your 2016 investment of $300,000 into another $7.7 million to design a solution to the congestion clogging the SR 410/Traffic Avenue/East Main interchange. The project will be shovel-ready in early spring 2018 with an efficient design that adds a second overpass to double vehicular lanes plus add safe pedestrian/bike crossing. This project will reduce miles of congestion, improving air quality, providing commuter access to a Sounder station, providing safe multi-modal transportation options, and helping to keep freight moving on a key truck route to the Port of Tacoma. Funding has been secured from private partners, our city, the Port of Tacoma, Sound Transit, the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board, and you. We need another $10 million for construction. Please allocate $5 million in State funding to leverage further grant dollars and build this infrastructure.

Reject further cuts to city’s shared revenue

Last year’s choice to eliminate streamlined sales tax mitigation after October 1, 2019, means an annual loss of $425,000 funding for Sumner’s general fund (police, parks, planning, etc.) There are no promises with Marketplace Fairness Act, and some estimates are as low as $30,000. Cities like Sumner cannot sustain further losses of State shared revenue–including Firemen’s Pension, Liquor and funding for the Basic Law Enforcement Academy–without being forced to look at options like a B&O tax that directly hurts Washington’s competitiveness for economic development and jobs. Avoid further cuts to shared revenues with cities.

Protect jobs & homes from flooding

The White River is now in constant danger of a catastrophic flood through Sumner. Let’s not wait for a disaster to react. Your investment of $850,000 to fund the White River Task Force is providing dividends of long-term solutions for this man-made river that provide both flood protection and improved habitat species. It’s a win-win! One solution is adding river channelization, but this solution requires approximately $4 million for land acquisition. Allocate funding for land acquisition to protect industry, infrastructure & wildlife on White River.

Resolve water issues caused by Hirst-Foster

Both the Hirst & Foster court decisions are contrary to the Growth Management Act (GMA). Sumner is in the midst of water-right permitting efforts that could include both instream mitigation and additional habitat benefits – if the Legislature restores mitigation flexibility to Ecology. Without this mitigation flexibility, municipal water permits needed to implement the GMA will languish and local mitigation opportunities lost. Restore local governments’ ability to rely on Ecology regulations when making water availability decisions (Hirst), and increase flexibility in water rights mitigation to address fish needs (Foster)