UPDATE: Pierce County has released the 2020 Property Taxes. While the City of Sumner portion went down, property taxes for Sumner property owners went up 18%.

Here’s the breakdown on a property at average value in Sumner.
2018 Average Assessed Value for 2019 Taxes: $321,899
2019 Average Assessed Value for 2020 Taxes: $349,732
Change in Assessed Value: $27,907
Change in Assessed Value: 9%

2019 Total Tax on Average Assessed Value: $4,011.39
2020 Total Tax on Average Assessed Value $4,732
Change $: $720.61
Change %: 18%

JurisdictionRateTax$ Change from ’19 % Change
School District – Bond2.303175$805.66$49.016%
School District – Enrichment2.475509$865.95$383.1079%
School District – Capital0.602363$210.71$14.968%
State School Levy 21.053433$368.50$140.0861%
E Pierce Fire EMS0.4746$166.02$10.177%
E Pierce Bond0.1125$39.35-$1.49-4%
E Pierce Expense1.42362$497.99$30.547%
Pierce County1.050948$367.63$5.281%
City of Sumner1.117055$390.75-$5.49-1%
Pierce Co Library0.4715$164.93$3.982%
Port of Tacoma0.184032$64.38$5.349%
Flood Control0.101804$35.61$11.0745%
Sound Transit0.19937$69.74$3.115%

Total Sumner Tax Rate: 13.527502 per $1000 value

About the City’s Portion

On November 4, the City held a public hearing on revenue sources for the upcoming year’s budget, including consideration of any potential increases in property tax revenues.

In short, the rate of Sumner’s portion of your property taxes will go down in 2020, from $1.23 per $1,000 in value in 2019 to $1.12 per $1,000 in 2020. The 2020 levy of $3,901,414 is a 1% increase over last year’s collections, plus additions for new construction and improvements.

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