Property owners just received their 2019 property tax bills from Pierce County. Every year when this happens, the City receives a number of calls about the amounts, how these taxes are put into place, and where the money goes. The grid below shows you the 2019 distribution of property taxes for a Sumner home by percentage and what that means in real dollars for a house valued at $300,000.

As you can see on the chart, 36% goes to the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District, 6% to the State for schools, 17% to East Pierce Fire & Rescue District, 15% to the State of Washington, 10% to the City of Sumner, 9% to Pierce County, 4% to Pierce County Library, 2% to the Regional Transit Authority, 1% to Port of Tacoma, and less than 1% to both the Flood Control Zone District and Conservation Futures. All school, fire and library levies were voter-approved as was the RTA.