The East Sumner planning area is approximately 174 acres of lowland located in the eastern portion of the City of Sumner. The core of the area is bordered by a number of roadways—160th Avenue East, 64th Street East, Main Street East, Sumner-Tapps Highway East, and State Route 410. The eastern portion of the site is bisected by Salmon Creek.  The plan, originally adopted in 2001, envisions a mixed use “urban village” that complements and supports the historic downtown. The plan was updated in 2015 because of significant issues related to groundwater, transportation, and the new regional YMCA. The East Sumner Neighborhood Plan (ESNP), will guide growth for the next 20 years. The updated ESNP addresses issues surrounding wetlands/high water tables, the pedestrian experience, the potential for regional commercial development, higher residential densities clustered within an array of mixed-use centers, and the retention of its unique “small town” character. The ESNP update was a sub-process of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan update and was integrated into the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

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