Sumner’s City Council approved a contract to allow lockers to be located on City property. They will go in the planter strip along Alder Avenue, next to employee parking behind City Hall. There will be space on Alder to pull in and pick up packages.

Why help bring this service to Sumner? First, it helps reduce “porch-pirate” theft. Second, it helps bring more sales tax into Sumner. With destination-based sales tax, all products delivered to these lockers will go to Sumner. Third, with so many people working in Sumner or commuting through Sumner, we thought it would be a good service for residents and commuters alike. Who wants to haul a bulky box onto the train from work?

We’re pretty sure that with this agreement, Sumner is actually the first municipality to sign a contract with Amazon. We know Chicago is working on a similar situation, but we believe ours passed first!

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