Sumner’s Regional Wastewater Facility collects waste from 15+ square miles, serves 28,700 residents, processes 860,000,000 gallons of flow annually, treats 2,800,000 pounds of solids, removes 98.2% of solids, and gives away 338 tons of biosolid to gardeners.

While most people don’t, and don’t want to, think about the work of the treatment facility, we all rely on it every single day for our personal health and the health of our environment.

The facility was honored by Washington State Department of Ecology. We were one of only 111 facilities out of over 300 state-wide to earn this honor. Even better, this is Sumner’s seventh consecutive year for this distinction. “It takes diligent operators and a strong management team, working effectively together, to achieve this high level of compliance,” wrote Heather Bartlett, water quality program manager for the State of Washington Dept. of Ecology. “It is not easy to operate a wastewater treatment plant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without violations. Ecology appreciates the extraordinary level of effort your plant operators demonstrated throughout 2017….Your excellent record is a credit to the dedicated operators who are responsible for running this award-winning plant.”

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