The topic of asphalt batch plants has come up in Sumner recently. Although the City has not received an application for a new asphalt batch plant, zoning code changes related to an existing mineral extraction company prompted some questions since the State defines asphalt batching as an accessory use of mineral extraction.

The City Council passed the zoning code changes for the existing concrete facility, but also enacted Interim Development Regulations (IDR) that temporarily prohibit future expansion of existing facilities or the addition of new facilities. This will allow staff and the State Department of Health to study potential health impacts of asphalt batching facilities. The IDR does not affect the daily operations of the asphalt batch plant already existing and operating in Sumner just off Zehnder Street.

We have a project page that is part of our process to study this issue together. It will help keep you on track for reports coming out, opportunities to comment on various phases of the process and general information. Both the Health Impact Assessment and Real Estate reports will be posted here when received for you to review. Please check the timeline to see the full process, including when comment periods are available. As always, dates can change. Check here for the latest update or sign up to receive e-mail updates about this project.

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