Police StickyIt’s Back to School time!  That means lots of new and excited students, plus a few nervous parents, are on the streets and sidewalks, learning their new routines.  Plus the days are getting darker.  Here are a few tips to help keep everyone safe.


  • Obey the speed limit, especially 20 mph in school zones. When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle going 20 mph, 9 out of 10 survive. If the vehicle is going 30 mph, only 5 out 10 survive.
  • Stay very alert, especially at crosswalks and intersections near schools.  Remember, whether painted or not, any intersection of streets is a legal crosswalk with the pedestrian having the right of way.
  • Obey all laws regarding stopping for school buses that are picking up or dropping off children. Thank you to City of Bellevue for sharing this graphic that makes it clear and easy to review when you are to stop around a stopped bus.


  • If walking to school, walk in groups, wear bright clothing, look both ways at all crosswalks, and walk attentively.
  • Do not get distracted by friends or phones.
  • If riding a bike, use your hand signals and obey all traffic laws. Remember, you’re like a car, and you must obey all stop signs.


  • Encourage your children to follow safe practices.
  • Model good behavior yourself, whether walking or driving.
  • Consider walking young students to school.
  • On those mornings when nothing is going right, remember that being tardy is not the worst thing in the world.  Still drive carefully and alertly.

Walk to school