Finance staff have noticed that a few utility customers are confused about the path and timing of your bank’s online bill pay function. It is not an immediate transfer of funds: it still requires the mailing of a physical check; it’s just that the bank does it for you now. It also means things happen in a slightly different order.

Why is this important when paying your utility bill? As you can see, it still takes time for us to get the check from your bank. Sometimes a customer, who is close to the deadline,will use their bank’s online bill pay and then wonder why their utility account is not immediately credited, especially when the funds have been deducted from their bank account already.  On occasion this has resulted in a late fee–or worse yet, loss of  water service altogether.  


The best option is to plan ahead and schedule your payment to arrive on time. If you are close to a deadline, especially for water shut-off, come into City Hall and pay in person or use our own online bill pay after-hours, and we will credit your account the next business day.