Our current billing cycle posed challenges. Residents are confused about paying high bills months after summer ended while businesses struggled to meet the schedule of a monthly bill. Starting in 2018, we hope to fix both issues:

Residents (Single & Multi-Family) in Sumner:
You will continue to receive a monthly bill; however, starting January 1, we will now be reading your meter monthly as well. This means you won’t see a change in amount or timing of your bill. It does mean you’ll quickly see–and be able to adjust to–your water use. Right now, you’re still getting a high bill late in fall because it’s still billing you for your summer water use. It’s confusing and will be changing come January 1!

Businesses, Organizations and Residents Who Live Outside the City:
Starting January 1, you will receive bills every-other month, similar to your garbage bill. We hope that this change makes it easier for businesses to pay on time without jumping through extra corporate hoops. Your January bill will look “normal”; you will not receive any bill in February; and your March bill will be for two-months, meaning the amount will be double your monthly bills. For smaller businesses who still prefer monthly bills for cash flow, you can still pay half your usual amount in the “off” months, but you won’t receive a bill.

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