Replacing the Bridge Street bridge is a big deal in Sumner. Keep track of timelines, milestones and more as we bridge the past and future together.


The Bridge Street bridge replacement is on time and on budget. Here’s the schedule of what’s coming next:

  • Remove temporary work bridge – January 2018
  • Complete concrete deck of new bridge – May 2018
  • Complete utilities – Ongoing
  • Switch traffic over to new bridge – October 8, 2018
  • Remove old bridge – Fall 2018
  • Build out remaining amenities of new bridge – 2018-2019

October 2018 Update

The Puyallup Herald did a nice article that includes drone footage of the old bridge with the new one alongside it. Click here to take a look.

On October 8, we flipped traffic, which is now using the new bridge as the old bridge is immediately getting prepared for dismantling. Here are some images of vehicles using the new bridge:

April 2018 Update

Take a look at pictures of the prep work and pouring of the concrete for the new bridge’s deck. That’s a lot of rebar that we’ll never see again!

January 2018 Update

Late at night, semi’s brought in huge, 65′ girders to form the base of the new bridge. Take a look as cranes and workers on the temporary construction bridge work to put the girders into place.

If you’d like to see Doug Beagle’s presentation to the City Council on the bridge’s progress to date, watch the January 16th City Council meeting. The presentation starts at 3:00 minutes.