Please be alert for a new scam targeting seniors in Sumner. An alert Sumner resident shared this story from late last week.

The resident, a Comcast customer, received a call from “Comcast,” asking the amount of their monthly bill and offering a 30% senior discount if they would commit to a two-year contract and pay two months up front. The scammer also offered to mail a $100 gift card if the resident committed to the deal. The alert resident asked why they didn’t know what they were paying for cable already. The scammer took a guess and was alarmingly close to accurate. Still, the resident hung up and checked the Comcast official website to see if such an offer existed. It didn’t and a subsequent call to the real Comcast customer service confirmed that the initial call was a scam.

We don’t know if scammers are targeting other service providers as well. If you receive such a call, please be wary of cold-call offers of “deals,” especially if they require up-front payment. We recommend that you hang up and dial your service provider through the customer service number they provide to ask about any special deals or offers before committing to anything.

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