The Council Meeting on March 16 is proceeding with a modified agenda. All councilmembers and the Mayor will be attending by phone. For some, there are underlying conditions and for all, they want to demonstrate ways we can continue with our lives with important modifications to help keep everyone healthy.

There will be a public comment period, and you may attend in person. However, we recommend that instead, you email City Clerk Michelle Converse your comment (email link). All comments received by 5 pm on March 16 will be read at the meeting, allowing you to voice your concern without having to attend in person. If your comment involves any follow up, we will be sure to do so with the appropriate staff as we would in person during/after a meeting.

We will still stream the meeting live on this webpage through Pierce County TV. We realize this may be a bit awkward with the councilmembers calling in, so please be patient as we work to provide the same transparency and engagement with some additional safety measures to follow the guidelines of the CDC as we face this world-wide situation.

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