The City of Sumner is increasing the refuse rates in accordance with the contract with D.M. Disposal. The contract calls for an annual CPI adjustment of eighty percent (80%) of the change in the October Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) computed by the Seattle-Tacoma Area. The following rates are a sample of the most common services. The increase will take effect March 1, 2015. If you would like to have more information on other rates or this increase please contact the City of Sumner at 253-863-8300.

10 Gallon Cart                    $14.11

20 Gallon Cart                    $19.10

32 Gallon Cart                    $23.61

Yard Waste                         $5.94

Additional Recycling        $6.00

1 Yard Once a week        $100.23

1 Yard Twice a week       $200.44

1 Ton Dump fee                $144.97