Some call us the best little town the Pacific Northwest has to offer, but don’t let our small-town charm fool you. Behind that friendly smile is an award-winning planned community, four freeway interchanges, commuter rail station and access to two major Pacific Coast ports…all waiting to serve your customers!  Give your business and employees the best of the Puget Sound.

Come on in to Sumner, Washington: we’re open for business.

“I love Sumner! I picked up lots of goodies! Never disappointed with your cute city, shops, or residents.” – Leah, via Twitter, May 21, 2018

“Downtown Sumner…is reminiscent of the idyllic ‘Main Street’ towns found across the U.S. and romanticized in film.” -Seattle Magazine, “Best of the Burbs”

Despite Sumner’s small-town reputation, it’s also home to over 14,000 manufacturing jobs. In Sumner, people are roasting coffee, baking hamburger buns, building cabinets, repairing truck engines, and distributing everything from fresh salsa to televisions.

Whether your business is big or small, there’s likely a place for you in Sumner. Come on in to see…

Who We Are: check demographics and dominant segments

Where We Are: explore Sumner’s location and proximity to markets

Options Around Town: check zoning to see what areas fit your business model

Where We’re Headed: long applauded for its planning, Sumner looks for success tomorrow. Check out our plans to see what’s in store for us and your potential business.

Already Doing Business in Sumner

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