Before COVID, we heard a lot of feedback from our downtown businesses about the public parking lots. Two lots had 8-hour maximum times, which became problematic as commuters would fill them before downtown employees or customers even arrived, a situation that was hard to enforce with such a long time limit. To solve this, those lots now have a four-hour maximum time limit, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. This is usually a good time-frame for most visitors to shop or visit a service and eat downtown. We also just distributed employee passes that allow downtown employees to remain parked longer.

Parking times are never ideal for everybody, but hopefully this one change helps keep downtown parking free for downtown businesses. For commuters, we are asking Sound Transit to keep Sumner’s garage high on their priority list.

This map shows the recent changes to time limits on downtown parking and street parking. More parking options still exist but were not changed.
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