New development coming soon to Sumner: East Sumner Apartments – West (Windmill) & East (60th Street) sites

The East Sumner Apartment project has two sites. The western parcels is a proposed development of 102 apartment unit complex, to include 6 varying 3-story multi-family buildings, an on-site recreation center, on-site parking, landscaping, open space and storm water management. The second site is the proposed development of the eastern parcel, at the intersection of 60th Street and 162nd Ave E, with 60 multi-family units, including studio apartments within 3 buildings, including walkway connections from public sidewalks, a corner featuring pedestrian space, onsite parking, landscaping, open space and onsite stormwater management.

Sumner shoppers may want to note that Windmill Gardens is still in business, both at this location and at a new location.


This project is located within the East Sumner Neighborhood Plan area and has received a Determination of Consistency with the plan.


West/Windmill Site- 16009 60th ST E (total of 9 parcels)

East 60th Street Site- XXX 60th Street E, Sumner WA/ Parcel(s)# 9225000513

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