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Engaging with the environment around us, particularly public spaces like parks and trails, is a fundamental aspect of living in a community. The beautiful city of Sumner, with its lush green spaces and scenic trails, offers a unique perspective on urban life interwoven with nature. However, as members of this community, our insights and experiences can contribute significantly towards shaping these public spaces. That’s why we have launched an interactive map survey to hear from you!

Have you ever found yourself walking through a Sumner park or trail, brimming with thoughts or ideas about how the space could be improved? Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a perfect spot in the city where a new park or trail could thrive. Or maybe you simply wish to share why you love a particular park or trail so much. Well, this is your chance to put your thoughts on the map – literally!

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our interactive map and the associated pins. On the left of this message, you will find a circle with a “+” symbol. All you need to do is drag and drop this pin on the location you wish to comment about. For this exercise, we’ve limited the location to the urban growth area of Sumner, outlined in red. The current and future park facilities are outlined in green, and the trails and bike lanes are marked with purple lines.

You have several options to choose from when placing your pin:

  1. Why I like this park: Is there a park in Sumner that holds a special place in your heart? Let us know why!
  2. Why I like this trail: Do you have a favorite trail for your morning jogs or evening strolls? Share your experiences!
  3. What this park is missing: Is there a particular facility or feature you think would enhance a specific park? Do share!
  4. What this trail is missing: Is there something you feel could make your trail experience better? We want to hear about it!
  5. A new park should go here: Have you found an ideal spot for a new park in our city? Let’s visualize it together!
  6. A new trail should go here: Do you think a particular area would make a great trail? Show us where!

Our main goal with this initiative is to engage with Sumner residents in a dynamic way, fostering a collaborative effort to improve and enhance our public spaces. By sharing your unique experiences and insights, you can help us understand what works, what doesn’t, and where potential opportunities for new parks and trails lie.

Remember, your voice matters. Whether it’s appreciating what we already have or identifying what’s missing or could be improved, your input can make a difference. This is not just about pinpointing places on a map – it’s about collectively shaping our city’s future. So, grab that virtual pin, put it on your favorite (or prospective) park or trail, and let’s make Sumner an even better place to live!

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