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City Council Meetings

The video option for Study Session started in May 2020. Agenda packets are typically available the Wednesday before a meeting. Minutes must be approved at the next regular Council Meeting and are then posted online.

City Council MeetingNov 16, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionNov 9, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
City Council MeetingNov 2, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionOct 26, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
City Council MeetingOct 19, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionOct 12, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
City Council MeetingOct 5, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionSept 28, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
City Council MeetingSept 21, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionSept 14, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Special Council MeetingSept 10, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionAugust 24, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Regular Council MeetingAugust 17, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionAugust 10, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Regular Council MeetingAugust 3, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionJuly 27, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Regular Council MeetingJuly 20, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Study SessionJuly 13, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Special Study SessionJuly 8, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Regular Council Meeting July 6, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Study SessionJune 22, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Regular Council MeetingJune 15, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Study SessionJune 8, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Special Study SessionMay 18, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Study SessionMarch 9, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Regular Council MeetingMarch 2, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Study SessionFebruary 24, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Regular Council MeetingFebruary 18, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Study SessionFebruary 10, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Regular Council MeetingFebruary 3, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Special Study SessionFebruary 3, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Council Study SessionJanuary 27, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Regular Council MeetingJanuary 21, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Study SessionJanuary 13, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Regular Council MeetingJanuary 6, 2020Agenda PacketMinutesVideo
Council Meetings & Study Sessions2019Agenda PacketsMinutesVideo
Council Meetings & Study Sessions2018Agenda PacketsMinutesVideo
Council Meetings & Study Sessions2017Agenda PacketsMinutesVideo
Council Meetings & Study Sessions2016 & OlderAgenda Packets
to 2008
to 1982
to 2010

City Council Committee Meetings

Items go to either a Council Committee or Study Session to be discussed at length before being scheduled on a Regular Council Meeting for action.

Finance & Personnel Committee

Finance CommitteeNov 4, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeOct 7, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeSept 2, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeAugust 5, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeJuly 1, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeJune 10, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeMarch 4, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeFeb 5, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance CommitteeJan 14, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Finance Committee2019 MeetingsAgendas Minutes
Finance Committee2018 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Finance Committee2017 MeetingsAgendasMinutes

Community Development Committee

Community DevOct 28, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Community DevSept 23, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Community DevAugust 26, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Community DevJuly 22, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Community DevFeb 26, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Community DevJan 22, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Community Dev2019 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Community Dev2018 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Community Dev2017 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Community Dev2016 MeetingsAgendasMinutes

Public Safety Committee

Public SafetyNov 18, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public SafetyOct 21, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public SafetySept 16, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public SafetyAugust 19, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public SafetyJuly 15, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public Safety June 17, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public SafetyFeb 19, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public SafetyJan 15, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public Safety2019 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Public Safety2018 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Public Safety2017 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Public Safety2016 MeetingsAgendasMinutes

Public Works Committee

Public WorksNov 3, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksOct 6, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksSept 1, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksAugust 4, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksJuly 7, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksJune 9, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksMarch 3, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksFeb 4, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public WorksJan 7, 2020Agenda PacketMinutes
Public Works2019 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Public Works2018 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Public Works2017 MeetingsAgendasMinutes
Public Works2016 MeetingsAgendasMinutes

Commission Meetings

Commissions are panels of volunteers who advise the Council on specific topics such as Planning, Design and the Arts.

Planning Commission

Planning Commission MeetingNov 19, 2020Agenda Packet
Special Planning Commission MeetingSept 17, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission MeetingAugust 20, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission Study SessionJuly 16, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission Study SessionJune 18, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission MeetingJune 4, 2020Agenda PacketVideo
Planning Commission MeetingMay 7, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission Special Meeting March 19, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission MeetingMarch 5, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission Study SessionFebruary 20, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission MeetingFebruary 6, 2020Agenda PacketVideo
Planning Commission MeetingJanuary 16, 2020Agenda Packet
Planning Commission Meetings2019Agenda Packets
Planning Commission Meetings2018Agenda Packets
Planning Commission Meetings 2017Agenda Packets
Planning Commission Meetings2016Agenda Packets
Planning Commission Meetings2015Agenda PacketsMinutes
Planning Commission Meetings2014Agenda PacketsMinutes

Forestry & Parks Commission

Forestry CommissionNov 12, 2020AgendaMinutes
Forestry CommissionOctober 8, 2020AgendaMinutes
Forestry CommissionAugust 13, 2020AgendaMinutes
Forestry CommissionJuly 9, 2020AgendaMinutes
Forestry CommissionFeb 13, 2020AgendaMinutes
Forestry CommissionJan 9, 2020AgendaMinutes
Forestry Commission2019 MeetingsAgendasMinutes

Arts Commission

Arts CommissionOctober 22, 2020Agenda
Arts CommissionSeptember 24, 2020Agenda
Arts CommissionAugust 27, 2020Agenda
Arts CommissionJuly 23, 2020Agenda
Arts CommissionJune 25, 2020Agenda
Arts CommissionFebruary 27, 2020 Agenda
Arts CommissionJanuary 23, 2020Agenda

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

LTACAugust 20, 2020Notes