Sumner City Cemetery with Mt. Rainier in the background

Sumner City Cemetery with Mt. Rainier in the background

STEP 2–Burial Costs

Although you may reserve your space (Step 1) well in advance, once you need a space, there are other costs associated with an interment.

Liner or Vault
Price varies
The Cemetery requires you to have a liner or vault for any in-ground interment as it keeps the ground from sinking and settling over the site.  You can install either one and do not need both.  Prices and options vary widely, so contact us to review your options.

Open/Close costs
These are costs associated with when the cemetery staff need to open and close the site for interment.  Adult liner $850
Vault install $200
Lawn Crypt $900 per burial
Baby Land $250
Cremains in garden $425
Niche $375
Urn/Urn Vault install $100
Crypts $600-675

These costs are incurred depending on the kind of service you would like to hold in the cemetery.
Committal Service $200
View Only Burial $130

These costs are incurred if you would like a service that requires our staff to work past 4:30 pm on weekdays, on Saturday or on a holiday.
Weekdays $135 per hour
Saturday $450
Holiday $850

Price varies
Whether raised or flush, markers offer a wide range of granite colors, engravings and sizes.  Contact us to review your options.  You’ll likely want to schedule an appointment to see the various options in person at the cemetery office.  Markers may be purchased and placed after a service.

Once you select your marker, this is the cost to set it into place.
Flush marker $250
Raised marker $375
Vase $60

If for any reason you need the staff to reset a marker, this is the cost for that additional work.
Flush marker $150
Raised marker $300

If you need to remove something, these are the costs involved.
Adult liner $2000
Adult vault $2500
Lawn Crypt (Upper) $2000
Lawn Crypt (Lower) $4000
Baby Land $750
Crypts $1000-2000
Disinurnment (cremains) $700
Disinurnment (niches)    $375

Recording Fee, if you sell your plot, $25
Title Transfer, $50
Geneology, if you want us to get you information on a family member, $25
Non-sufficient fund check, $40

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