Sumner City Cemetery offers many options to best fit your needs.  Some arrangements can be made in advance to reserve your first choice while others need to be made when the need arises.  The information below is intended to give you an idea of the kinds of services offered, but nothing matches visiting the cemetery in person and reviewing options.

STEP 1–Reserving a space for traditional burial

You may reserve a space well in advance in order to secure your site at today’s prices, or you may purchase space as needed.  There are a variety of space options available for either a traditional burial (listed below) or the repose of cremains, or ashes from a cremation, (click here for options).

Cemetery_flushClick on the images below to view larger versions.

Flush Marker Plot

This option offers a plot of land that will take a flat, or flush, marker.  People choose this option because it is a good for those looking for a traditional burial while minimizing the costs associated with raised markers.  Flush markers are more economical as they are easier to maintain in the long-run and the purchase of the marker itself is generally less expensive than a raised marker.

Cemetery_raisedRaised Marker Plot (Older Sections 208 & 223)

This option offers a plot of land in the older raised marker section of the cemetery, allowing for a traditional raised marker, or “headstone” up to 30 inches in height.

People choose this option because they prefer the more traditional raised marker to the flush markers.  The plot for raised markers is more expensive as more maintenance work is required around the markers.

Cemetery_raised_newRaised Marker Plot (New Section 301)

This option is a plot of land in the new raised marker section of the cemetery.  Unlike the older raised area, this area has a cement runner and vase hole already in place, offering the tradition of raised markers with the easy of maintenance usually found with flush markers.

People choose this option because they prefer the visual impact and ease of having the cement runner and vase already in place.  Also, this area can accommodate newer, more dramatic markers (example shown in the image) than the traditional raised marker area.

Cemetery_estateEstate Plot

This option offers four adjacent plots with the head cement already in place for a marker and a foot runner where your family can customize your estate with options ranging from a bench for seating to a mini-columbarium or niche wall to include the cremains of more family members.

People choose this option because they find comfort in keeping a large family together.  The grouping may make economic sense for families as well.

Cemetery_lawn_cryptLawn Crypt

This option offers two burials at double-depth, versus side-by-side, that will take a flush marker.

People choose this option as a more economical choice than two adjacent plots when both members of a couple would like a traditional burial.

Cemetery_babylandBaby Land

This option offers a special section for children.  The smaller plots and vaults offer traditional burials ready for a 16″ x 8″ flush marker.

People choose this section, guarded by its own young angel statue, as it is specifically designed for those who leave at a young age and for family members who carry the additional grief of a premature passing.

Extended Land Use  30% of plot price

This option allows one traditional casket burial and one cremain or two cremains in the same plot of land.  The first would be charged full price and the second 30% of the plot price.

Couples often choose this option, especially when one person would like a traditional burial while the other chooses cremation.

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