Social media is a great way to stay informed and connected in Sumner. We’re pleased to offer the following accounts.  All are provided for information, education and contact and are monitored during business hours.  Never use a social media channel to report a crime in progress; instead, call 911.

Please visit, follow and like our social media channels:


City of Sumner – this is our first account to post late-breaking information such as a road closure, emergency information as well as day-to-day updates, surveys, etc.  Link to this account.


City of Sumner – this account is primarily to share your beautiful images of Sumner, its events, businesses and especially food with #SumnerEats.  Link to this account.


Sumner Police Department – this popular page provides safety tips, information about recent activity and the lighter side of keeping our community safe. Link to this account.

Metro Animal Services – Sumner runs our own animal control and shelter to adopt pets. This is literally the puppies and kitties so many enjoy in their news feed.  Link to this account.


City of Sumner – from the launching of bridge girders to police officers on skateboards, videos tell an interesting story. See a collection of videos from the City of Sumner and our partners, Pierce County TV. Link to this account.


City of Sumner – what job openings are there? How about joining a commission? Link to this account.

Social Media Policy

All of our accounts follow and are subject to the City of Sumner’s Social Media Policy. Click here to take a look at the policy regarding prohibited content, privacy disclaimer and the Open Public Meetings Act.

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