Notice is hereby given that the CITY COUNCIL has made a decision on a Comprehensive Plan Map change and Rezone for Houston Road Parcels as described below.
There is no public comment period for this decision; however, the public may contact City staff with any questions at: or 253-299-5520. The public has the right to review the contents of the official file for the proposal.

Proposal Name: Comprehensive Plan Map change and Rezone – Houston Road Parcels

Proposal Description:

1)  Parcels located in Sumner UGA:  For 10 parcels outside of city limits but in Sumner’s Urban Growth Area (UGA), change Comprehensive Plan Map from General Commercial to Light Industrial. The Comprehensive Plan establishes the type of development that would occur if parcels annex into the city in the future.  

2)  Parcels located within Sumner city limits:  For 4 parcels within Sumner city limits, change Comprehensive Plan Map from General Commercial to Light Industrial.   Also change current zoning from Low Density Residential (3 parcels) and General Commercial (1 parcel) to Light Industrial (M-1) on the Zoning Map.

3)  Update Zoning Code regulations for Light Industrial (M-1) zone.

Location / Parcel(s) #:
Addresses: 13223 and 13105 Houston Rd E, Sumner WA
Parcel(s): #0420234151, 0420243163 (in city), 0420234150, 0420234104, 4250001123 (in city), 4250001117 (in city), 4250001051 (in city), 4250001153, 4250001155, 4250001111, 4250001063, 4250001152, 4250001142, and northeast portion of parcel 4250001103.

Permit Application #: PLN-2020-0018

Date of Decision: May 17, 202

Decision: Approved map changes as proposed; approved regulations as proposed.

Applicant/Rep: K. Weatherbee; D. Guthrie; Houston Road LLC  (3 property owners)

Hearing Date and Time:  N/A. No additional hearing or comment period. (Council public hearing occurred February 16, 2021.)

City Council meeting packet:

SEPA: Any environmental impacts were evaluated as part of city-wide Sumner Comprehensive Plan Update in 2020.  No development was proposed.

Other Required Approvals: None

Staff Contact: Ann Siegenthaler 253-299-5520 or

Date of Application:  3/2/20

Date of Complete Application: 6/18/20