Park Rules

Respect for others and the facility earns Respect.
Skate at your own risk.
Hours of operation are from 8 am to dark.
Use of all safety gear is strongly advised.
This park has advanced and intermediate areas: know your abilities.
No bikes, trikes or motorized scooters.
Sk8 Park must be used as intended.

The video feed is not available on the public website at this time but it is still being monitored by Sumner PD.

Call 911 if you need help.

Rules enforced by the City of Sumner under authority of Sumner Municipal Code 12.60.065. Other Park Rules & Guidelines

Why no bikes in the Sk8 Park?
Bike riding is also a great skill and sport, but the Sk8 Park simply wasn’t designed or built to handle bikes.

Sumner Sk8 is a 7,200 square foot concrete skate facility located in the Bill Heath Sports Complex. It has a modified street skate bowl with several hot boxes but has rounded sides with a three to 5-foot drop, helping provide for continuous skating.


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