Sumner is proud to offer clean, good water.  Each year, the City publishes a water quality report to help you see just how much water we’re collectively using and specifics about its quality.

Current Water Quality report (pdf)

Watersense_webConserve Our Water

Clean water is a precious resource. The City of Sumner is proud to be an EPA WaterSense partner. We can all do small things to use our water well:

– Leaks can account for more than 11,000 gallons per year for an average household–enough to fill a backyard swimming pool!

 – A bathroom faucet can use 2 gallons of water per minute. By turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, you can save up to 240 gallons of water per month.

 – Don’t use your toilet as a waste basket to flush tissues. Eliminating just one flush per day can save nearly 1,300 gallons per year– enough to wash about 32 loads of laundry.

 – A family of four could save about 2,300 gallons of water per year by shortening every shower by just 1 minute–enough water to run a dishwasher more than 250 times!

 – Call Public Works when you need to shut off your water at the meter. It’s easy to break the meter and cause major damage that wastes gallons of water.

See a video with tips from Sumner’s nurseries for cutting down your water use in your garden:

EPA WaterSense website

Puget_Sound_Starts_HereKeep Our Water Clean

– Pick up after your pets or their waste washes right into the river.
– Wash your car on lawn to filter grease and suds.
– Don’t overfertilize or it just runs right into the river.
– Fix your car’s oil leaks.

To Report a Problem

During business hours:  City of Sumner Public Works Dept. 253-299-5740
After business hours: City of Sumner Police Department 253-863-6384
For more information: NSF International  1-877-8NSF-HELP