The City of Sumner now has three lots for which it is offering a limited amount of paid, reserved parking for commuters, adjacent to the Sumner Sounder Station.

How does it work for reserved parking?

You will receive a parking permit to hang on your rear-view mirror or display visibly on your dash.  This gives you access to park in any space within the specific lot you purchase at any time.  The spaces will be reserved only for permit holders during the day, Monday through Friday.  On evenings and weekends, you may continue to park in the lot, and other cars (non-permit holders) may also park in open spaces within the lot to dine downtown, ride weekend Sounders to sports events or attend special events.

You do not have to register a specific car, but the car must have the proper permit displayed at all times or will be ticketed.  The permit is fully transferable but there are no refunds, replacement passes or pro-rated options.

Where are the lots?

What’s the difference in the lots?

Red Apple Lot has 120 spaces and is $75 per month to park. It does not have a renewal time for existing customers, and the lot is slated for redevelopment within the next 1-3 years.

Station Lane Lot has 10 spaces and is $100 per month to park. It does have a renewal period just for existing customers. There are no different plans for this space in the foreseeable future.

The Academy Street Lot has 7 spaces and is $125 per month to park. This is the only lot that does not offer multi-quarter discounts as the adjacent business is up for sale, and we’re thinking a future owner may want to lease this lot for the business.

How much to park?

All lots are sold in quarters: Red Apple Lot is $75/month, Station Lane Lot is $100/month, Academy St Lot $125/month.

How do I sign up?

All lots are sold out through June 2019.

If you would like to receive emails about sales opening up, sign up your email address to receive notices. Be sure to check at least “Reserved Parking Updates.” Of course, if you want to know more about City news and public notices, you can also check those options too.

What if someone “cheats” and parks in these lots anyway?

They will be ticketed up to $250 fine. As a permit holder, you will be given an alternate street location where it will be okay to park in an emergency with your permit displayed, should a “cheater” take the last spot.

Why can’t you offer free parking?

We do!  We have on-street parking available where possible, especially on Academy Street.  The City has to balance the needs of residents to be able to access their homes and local businesses needing daytime parking with commuters wanting all-day parking. Residential Permit Zones (RPZs) are put in place when residents apply for them in their neighborhood and can demonstrate minimal availability for residents to park on their street.  The City has approved RPZs in front of houses and has denied RPZs when the road is on the side of houses, like Academy, trying to give residents access to their front doors while leaving parking adjacent to side yards for commuters.  As with all compromises, it likely doesn’t satisfy anyone completely.

Why can’t the Red Apple lot be free parking?

The ground under this lot is contaminated from a former gas station that used to be located adjacent to it.  The City has spent years negotiating a settlement for the site’s cleanup with the station’s former owner and gas companies, but the City still has to fund a portion of the clean-up. This is a way to help recoup some of those costs from people using the space.

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