On Monday, September 17, Sumner’s City Council adopted Ordinance 2658, creating a Family Wage Credit Program for the City of Sumner. This program provides incentives to attract businesses to Pierce County and Sumner that provide family-wage jobs and thereby reduce the need to commute out of the area. Currently more than 100,000 Pierce County residents commute outside the County for work.

Eligible employers may apply for a credit of $275 per new family wage job created to the maximum allowed credit. Eligible employer means an individual or entity that has created and filled at least five new family wage jobs in the City of Sumner after January 1, 2019 and has paid, or whose agent has paid, an eligible charge or fee to the City of Sumner.

This ordinance will sunset December 31, 2025 unless otherwise extended.

More details will be coming. In the meantime, you can review the full Family Wage Job Credit Ordinance by clicking here.