The online utility bill pay system that we’ve been waiting for, with its full functionality, is finally available. We are the second city in the nation to bring this full system online. It offers a much more convenient payment format as well as the ability to schedule payments, set recurring payments and more. These were the features we were anticipating when we went with this system. We just didn’t anticipate a pandemic delaying its full availability.

If you already pay online, you’ll have this new system available starting June 1. You don’t need to re-register or do anything more than breath a sigh of relief and enjoy the new functionality. It is a different web address, so if you rely on bookmarks in your browser, you will have to update that.

If you gave up on online utility bill pay, take a look at this new option. We promise: it looks nothing like the interim system we’ve been using for the past two years. Thank you for your patience. 

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