NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Sumner Shoreline Administrator has received an application for a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for the project described below.  The Sumner Hearing Examiner is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the Shoreline Substantial Development Permit application at the date/time below.

Project Name: 1228 Fryar Avenue Riverfront Apartments

Location:1228 and 1116 Fryar Ave, Sumner WA (Parcel# 0420247004 and 0420247003)

Proposal: This proposal is for the construction of a six-story mixed use development in Sumner’s Town Center Riverfront District.  Project scope includes approximately 127 residential units, one commercial space, one leasing office/mail room, structured parking, open air shared parking, landscaping, outdoor seating, frontage improvements, trail construction and storm water management.  A portion of this site is within shoreline jurisdiction and a substantial development permit is required.  The project site is situated in the urban shoreline jurisdiction and includes a 50-foot riparian buffer measured landward from ordinary high-water mark (OHWM).  The proposed project will be include a 6 story building measuring approximately 70 feet high to the top of the building’s roofline with an additional 10 foot extension for a stairway entrance located in the middle of the roof, this structure will bring the highest point to 80 feet which is the maximum height allowed in Sumner’s shoreline jurisdiction.  This project will include minimal native vegetation removal within shoreline and will include mitigation planting along the riverside portion of the property, removal of invasive plants and rubbish within shoreline.  This site is under a planned action ordinance and a determination of consistency is anticipated to be issued for this project.

Applicant: Paul Green
Azure Green Consultants
409 E Pioneer 
Puyallup, WA 983372
(253) 770-3144

Project Number: PLN-2019-0073

Date of Application: 07/08/19

Date of Complete Application: 6/23/2020

Date of Hearing: Tuesday August 18th, 2020 at 3:30 pm, this will be a virtual hearing.  Information regarding ways to participate and comment during the hearing will be made available on the Cities website and to parties of record.

Parcels: 0420247004 and 0420247003

SEPA: Site is under a Planned Action Ordinance and a Determination of consistency is likely to be issued.  

Zoning: Surrounding zones include Town Center River Front district and West Sumner district, both allowing for up to 6 stories of multifamily and commercial uses.

Associated Documents:       

Comment Period(s): PLN-2019-0073 (SSDP) opens June 26, 2020 – Closes August 2, 2020.  Written and or oral comments may be presented during the virtual public hearing.  

Other Required Approvals: Fill and grade; civil, building permits; and compliance with other applicable county, state, and federal standards.

Any persons desiring to submit written comments concerning this application may submit written comments to the City of Sumner, Attn: Scott Waller, 1104 Maple Street, Suite 250, Sumner, WA 98390 or  by the above deadlines.  Any person desiring to present their views to the Hearing Examiner regarding PLN-2019-0073 may also do by submitting oral or written comments at the public hearing.

Please call the Development Services Department at 253.299.5527 for any questions regarding the above application.