Final Comprehensive Plan, East Sumner Neighborhood Plan, Municipal Code
Update, Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, and East Sumner
Neighborhood Planned Action
Notice of Availability

Notice is hereby given under WAC 197‐11‐460 and 510 that the City of Sumner is issuing a Final
Comprehensive Plan, East Sumner Neighborhood Plan, Municipal Code Update, Transportation Plan,
Capital Facilities Plan, Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Final SEIS), and East Sumner
Neighborhood Planned Action.

The Final SEIS describes the existing conditions and identifies probable significant environmental
impacts, mitigation measures, and any significant unavoidable adverse impacts, in accordance with RCW
43.21C.031. The Final SEIS is also fulfills the SEPA requirements for a Planned Action environmental
review consistent with (WAC 197‐11‐164 to 172).

Description of the Proposal: The proposal is the update to the City of Sumner’s Comprehensive Plan
and East Sumner Neighborhood Plan due by June 30, 2015 in accordance with the Growth Management
Act (GMA). The Update includes the following:

  • Revise City Comprehensive Plan Elements and development regulations to address growth during
    the 2015‐2035 planning period, land use plan and zoning changes to accommodate growth targets
    for population, housing and employment, transportation and capital facilities plans, and
    housekeeping and consistency amendments. This also includes updates to the City’s Transportation
    Plan and Capital Facilities Plan.
  • Amend the Comprehensive Plan map and Zoning Map with 6 individual locations or redesignation
    and/or rezoning.
  • Amendments and updates to comprehensive plan elements to ensure consistency with the City’s
    review of its plans in light of state and regional plans, GMA requirements as well as community
    vision and needs.
  • Update Critical Area, Subdivision, Zoning and Development Regulations for consistency with the
    Comprehensive Plan.
  • Eliminate the Orton Junction and East Hill UGA modifications undertaken as part of the 2010
    Comprehensive Plan Update.
  • Update the East Sumner Neighborhood Plan with new zoning regulations, wetland mitigation
    proposals, road improvements, pedestrian and bicycle paths and other improvements. The actions
    increase land capacity and alter current transportation plan improvements.
  • Consider application of SEPA tools to promote the vision of mixed use growth in East Sumner, such
    as a mixed use and residential infill exemption (RCW 43.21C.229), or a planned action (RCW
    43.21C.440; WAC 197‐11‐164 to 172) where development that meets City codes and performance
    standards would have a streamlined SEPA process and rely on the EIS rather than require a new
    threshold determination. A draft planned action ordinance is provided for consideration by the City.

Proponent: The City of Sumner

Location: The study area consists of the Sumner city limits and Sumner Urban Service Area portion of
the Pierce County Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundary. The East Sumner Neighborhood Plan area:
approximately between Parker Road and Sumner Tapps Highway and from Salmon Creek on the north
to SR 410 on the south.

Comment and Review: A Draft SEIS was issued on February 24, 2015 with a 60‐day public comment
period. The Final SEIS completes the environmental review process by providing responses to comments
received regarding the Draft EIS with clarifications and corrections.

Document Availability: Final SEIS, Final Comprehensive Plan, East Sumner Neighborhood Plan,
Municipal Code Update, Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, Transportation Plan, Capital
Facilities Plan and East Sumner Neighborhood Planned Action are available and on the City’s
website (see below)

Compact disks are available for $2.00 at Sumner City Hall. Copies of the document may be purchased at
Sumner City Hall: 1104 Maple Street, Sumner, WA 98390.

SEPA Responsible Official: Paul Rogerson, Director of Community Development