Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
Notice of Availability

Notice is hereby given under WAC 197‐11‐460 and WAC 197‐11‐510 that the City of Sumner is issuing a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Final SEIS) for its 2013 Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendments regarding the Sumner Meadows Docket.

Description of the Proposal and Alternatives: The City of Sumner is considering map and text docket
applications to amend its Comprehensive Plan and development regulations related to the surplusing of
the Sumner Meadows Golf Course for private development.

Full Notice of Availability (pdf)

FSEIS Cover Letter 07-25 (pdf)

Sumner Meadows Final SEIS   (pdf)

FSEIS Appendices A-B (pdf)

FSEIS Appendices C-E (pdf)