NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the City of Sumner will hold a Public Hearing for the purposes of hearing public comment on a proposed Right of Way vacation (PLN-2019-0074). On July 1, 2019, John Kildare submitted an Application for Right of Way (ROW) Vacation adjacent to his properties located on the corner of Narrow St. and Academy St., Sumner. The ROW vacation being considered is comprised of approximately 1,763 square feet of improved parking lot facilities for the adjacent business. The ROW is no longer necessary for City purposes. The Public Hearing will be held August 5th, 2019 at 6:00 PM in Sumner City Hall’s Council Chambers, located at 1104 Maple Street, Sumner, Washington.

Any persons desiring to submit written comments concerning this application may submit written comments or requests to the City of Sumner, Attn: Andrea Marquez, 1104 Maple Street, Sumner, WA 98390. Written comments may be submitted prior to the hearing by 5:00 pm, August 5, 2019 or presented at the public hearing.

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Please call the Legal Department at 253.299.5610 for any questions regarding the above notice.