Thank you for purchasing parking at the Station Lane lot. We will mail your parking pass to the shipping address you used when paying through PayPal.

Please carefully read and follow these guidelines for use:

Pass Displayed

Your pass must be visible from your rear-view mirror or dashboard at all times, or you may be towed at your own expense.  You may use the pass on any of your personal vehicles; it is fully transferrable.  There are no pro-rated fees.

If Someone Else “Cheats”

If someone else “cheats” and parks in the lot without a pass, we will not have time to tow before you will likely want to catch a train. If all other spaces in the lot are full, please park in the Harrison Street RPZ or in the Cherry Street RPZ between Park and Academy streets with your permit prominently displayed on your rearview mirror.  In that emergency situation, you will not receive a ticket.  Please note this is only allowed in this circumstance.  Under no other circumstances does this permit allow you to park in any RPZ zone, City employee lot or downtown lot except within the public parking hours allowed.

Renewing Your Permit

As an existing permit-holder, you will get a priority advantage to renew your permit for the next calendar quarter.  We will use PayPal to send you an invoice for the following quarter.  If you pay your invoice by the deadline provided, the spot is yours.  If you do not pay your invoice, we will consider that you are not renewing and offer that permit to the public for sale.  Please ensure your email address is current on your PayPal account so that you don’t miss the renewal notice.

Thank you again for purchasing a pass.  We hope this helps make your commute a little bit smoother each morning.

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