I’m a resident in an RPZ zone: how do I get passes?

  1. Click here for an application RPZ Form (pdf)
  2. In person: visit the Police desk at City Hall during open hours with your complete application form and your vehicle(s) registration.
  3. By mail: mail your complete application and copies of your vehicle(s) registration to City of Sumner, RPZ Passes, 1104 Maple Street, Sumner WA 98390.
  4. By email: scan your complete application and scans of your vehicle(s) registration to
  5. Please make sure that your vehicle registration is updated and accurate.  Vehicle(s) must be registered to the applicant’s Sumner address within the RPZ zone.

What happens after I submit my application and registration(s)?

If you register in person, we will hand you your pass(es).  If you choose the email or mail registration options, we will mail your pass(es). Please understand we’re processing many households at once, so anticipate some processing time to receive mailed passes.

The passes will be specific to each car with your car’s license number written on the pass. Please use that pass in the vehicle with the corresponding number. Failure to display passes properly will result in a ticket. Remember, RPZ3 limits parking times only during weekdays.  Parking on weekends and holidays is open and not limited by time.

What if I need more than four passes?

If you are routinely parking more than four vehicles on your street, you are negatively impacting your neighbors as much as the commuters and need to find alternate vehicle storage options.

Can businesses get passes?

No.  We already made a different pass available to downtown businesses for the downtown lots, and RPZs near businesses were amended to four-hour limits so employees only had to move their car once.

What does an RPZ pass or guest pass mean?

It means that you can park for longer than the three hours. Please note that RPZ permit holders lawfully parked in an RPZ zone must still abide by all other state and local laws and ordinances, to include overall time limits and other parking restrictions such as RVs, etc.

What about holidays?

Parking time limits are generally not enforced on established holidays.

What if I move?

If you are within the RPZ and move, please return all of your passes to the Sumner Police window or mail them back to us at  City of Sumner, RPZ Passes, 1104 Maple Street, Sumner WA 98390.  If you want to be really helpful, give the new owners/tenants a reminder to come in and register their own passes for their own vehicles.

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