Description:    Zoning Code text amendments to amend the Sign Code SMC 18.44 to clarify applicability of 18.44.230 to only Neighborhood Commercial and Mixed Used Development in all Commercial Districts, and to allow additional signage in the Interchange Commercial district.

Associated Documents:

Proponent:                         City of Sumner

Project Number:                 PLN-2016-0048

Location of Proposal:        Sumner, WA 98390

Lead Agency:                   City of Sumner

The lead agency for this proposal has determined that it does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment.  An environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030 (2)(c).  This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency.  This information is available to the public on request.

            There is no comment period for this DNS.

   ­__     This DNS is issued after using the optional DNS process in WAC 197-11-355.  There is no further comment period on the DNS

­_X_     This DNS is issued under 197-11-340 (2); the lead agency will not act on this proposal for 14 days from the date below.

Responsible Official:   Ryan Windish

Position/Title:               Interim Director of Community Development

Phone:                         (253) 299-5524

Address:                      1104 Maple Street Suite 250, Sumner, WA  98390

Date:   June 15, 2016