Police Week & Peace Officer Memorial Day

WHEREAS, law enforcement officers play an essential role in ensuring our safety and in safeguarding our rights and freedoms; and

WHEREAS, our officers partner with citizens to keep our community as safe as possible, by enforcing traffic laws, proactive policing, and forming neighborhood watch groups; and

WHEREAS, when an unsafe situation does arise, officers are the first to respond and provide assistance, often at great risk to their own personal safety; and

WHEREAS, Sumner police officers continue to face increased danger and scrutiny in the performance of their official duties; and

WHEREAS, our officers recognize their duty to serve our citizens by safeguarding life and property, by protecting them against violence and disorder, and by protecting the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression; and

WHEREAS, in 2017 Sumner police officers responded to over 15,800 calls for service, arrested 482 suspects, made 3073 traffic stops, removed 36 impaired drivers from our roadways, provided needed security and participated in numerous community events and parades; and

WHEREAS, the Congress and President of the United States have established May 15, 2018, as Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and the week in which it falls as National Police Week,

NOW, THEREFORE, the City of Sumner proclaims May 15th, 2018, as Peace Officer Memorial Day and the week of May 13th through May 19th as Police Week in the City of Sumner and urges all citizens to mark this occasion with appropriate ceremonies, commemorating police officers, past and present, who by their faithful and loyal devotion have collectively preserved our rights and our security.

Dated this 7th day of May, 2018.
William L. Pugh, Mayor

Categories: City Council