The  EPA has declared this week P2 – Pollution Prevention for a Resilient Planet. What does that mean? Pollution prevention (P2) means reducing or eliminating sources of pollution to prevent damage to the environment while also eliminating the need for costly controls and cleanup. In other words, let’s identify hazards and minimize risks before incidents happen. Let’s put the “okay” before the “oops.”

And, the great news is that the City of Sumner has a person able to help our businesses with this. Robert Wright is Sumner’s Local Source Control specialist. He can meet with you and review your business–for free–offering advice on how to minimize your pollution risks. He is not the EPA and will not regulate or fine; he’s only here to advise you, help save you money, and help keep Sumner clean and healthy.

Interested in scheduling a visit? Contact Robert at 253-299-5708 or send him an email.